Our Selection

We make over 300 soups from scratch, and change up the available options daily.  Check TODAY'S MENU for our current offerings...that are sure to tempt your taste buds!

Some of our soup selections

Vegan (V) and Vegetarian Soups (Veg.)

Black Bean & Sweet Potato (V)
Broccoli & Sharp Cheddar (Veg.)
Butternut Squash (Veg.)
Cream of Pumpkin w/Cinnamon Croutons (Veg.)
Cream of Red Potato (Veg.)
Cream of Tomato w/Mascarpone Cheese (Veg.)
Curried Carrot & Parsnip (Veg.)
Lentil w/Swiss Chard (V)
Lima Bean Vegetable (V)
Potato & Cheddar (Veg.)
Pumpkin Stew (V)
Sweet Potato & Maple Syrup (Veg.)
Tomato Vegetable Basil (V)

Meat & Seafood Soups
Chicken, Green Bean, Red Potato & Rosemary
Chicken Vegetable Noodle
Cream of Crab
French Onion w/Jarlsberg Cheese (beef base)
Maryland Crab
Shrimp Bisque
Seafood Chowder
Shrimp Chowder
Split Pea w/Black Forest Ham (pork)
Steak Chili w/Guinness Stout®
Tortilla Chicken
Wild Rice, Chicken & Watercress

Chilled Soups (Vegetable & Dessert)
Cherry, Lemon & Almond (dessert)
Gingered Carrot & Apricot (dessert)
Indian-Spiced Gazpacho
Peach & Sour Cream (dessert)
Plum, Cinnamon & Almond (dessert)

Great Soup...Great Price

Cup: $4

Bowl: $5

Pint: $6

Try a Soup's On Combo Meal!

So...feeling a little hungry?  Good!  Pick your soup, then choose one of our amazing sandwiches or salads.

w/Cup of Soup: $9

w/Bowl of Soup: $10

w/Pint of Soup: $11

We serve delicious sandwiches and salads, too!!

Trust us...we eat 'em all the time!