Who We Are

Here's Our Vision...

We want to see happy, healthy people all over Jacksonville enjoying fresh, interesting food that is full of flavor—not full of fat, salt, or weird things no one can pronounce. We’ve brought an amazing collection of soup, salad, and sandwich recipes together to tempt you. Our ingredients are fresh and as local as we can get them (well, we do use some cool exotic spices in some of our international recipes). We change it up daily, so there is always some fun new dish to try.


There are hot and cold gourmet dishes for seafood and meat lovers and some great vegetarian and vegan dishes. You can dine in or do take out—we have fresh and frozen soups ready to go.


Soup’s On, no can opener required.

A little history from Keith...

Soup’s On started in Los Angeles, CA, as a family-owned business catering to health and figure-conscious Californians who want to stay in shape and fit in their skinny jeans. We grew to several locations on the West Coast and then opened a store in Baltimore, MD. The family grew, the recipe file expanded, and we expanded to Jacksonville, where we can enjoy the beach, the fresh citrus, and the sunsets.